An Empowered Woman: Asset or Disturbance

written by: Michael Anya

The fact that this is even a question disturbs me greatly. Shocked? Well, think of it this way: “An Empowered Human: Asset or Disturbance?” I bet that a poll that asks this question would produce results that overwhelmingly favour the response “Asset”. The simple reason for this is that empowerment is a need for humans, irrespective of their gender.

For years, centuries even, women have had to live their lives as determined by their male counterparts. They have had to struggle to achieve rights that are as basic as having control of their bodies. Now, while this has “kept society in check”, it has cost society the opportunity for genuine growth. The fact that a gender which makes up over 50 percent of the world’s population has been made to live out the dreams of the menfolk has stifled growth and development. There’s a popular quote that says, “Variety is the spice of life.” Now, imagine the wealth of knowledge and variety that the inclusion and empowerment of women would bring to our world.

Women were only able to vote in the 19th century. They missed a plethora of opportunities to vote in leaders who would consider their plights in education, health, employment and other socio-economic conditions. For this reason, society has to actively seek out opportunities to afford women a platform with which they can level the playing field. Women must be prioritised and given a chance to get over all the years of indoctrination. They must be assured of their place in our ever-changing world—a place that is not threatened by all the burdens that our mothers had to bear.

Thankfully, our society is getting there—albeit slowly. We are beginning to realise that an empowered woman is an asset to society. A look at the work that is being done by amazing women in the Nigerian Tech and Political scene emphasises the fact that women, when given the opportunity, can and will exceed expectations, and I am beyond elated that they are finally getting the chance that they deserve.

So, with all the courage I can muster, I proclaim that an empowered woman is not just an asset to society, but the key to the restoration of the human race.

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