UNIILORN, UNILAG & UNIBEN record highest number of applications in JAMB 2021.

The recent JAMB examinations just proved that University of Benin, University of Lagos and University of Ilorin are Nigeria’s most preferred Universities according to the number or applications gotten. With University of Ilorin ranking 1st for the 5th year in a row, the University received over 78,000 applicants which is about 6% of the total admission seekers.

The University of Ilorin is known for its stable academic calendar and also known for being a unique public university whose staff do not go on lengthy strikes as opposed to staff of other public universities. Yearly, parents jostle to send their children to the University because of that reputation.

The University of Lagos recorded the second highest number of applications with 56,190 applicants. Even though fewer students sought admission into the school this year than last year, University of Lagos ranked higher than its 3rd place position as at last year’s JAMB examinations. The 2020 admission record showed that UNILAG admitted 7,815, some 17% of its admission seekers, as of August. Since 1962, University of Lagos has built a proud heritage of attracting intelligent, competitive students and empowered each one of them reach their full potential. probably why the University calls itself “the University of first choice”

The University of Benin, with 49,763, placed third with 49,361 admission seekers. This means UNIBEN has maintained third place since 2017. As of August, from last year, about a quarter of its admission seekers had been offered admission.

According to data released by the Joint Admission and Matrculation Board (JAMB), 2,110,815 students (including 171,660 direct entry (DE) students) applied for tertiary education into 962 institutions in 2020. However, only a population of less than half of those applicants, gained admission. How should we feel about that?

Good luck to all of the applicants in 2021, we wish you the best and if you don’t get in, dust yourself up and apply again!

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