KaLMA Home-Based Learning


As a result of the school closures caused by the COVID-19 disruption of the norm of learning, facilitators have been forced to halt their activities in schools. Within this changed context, and through the re-purposing of existing materials, The British Council in recent months has been providing support to Kano State in maintaining foundational skills’ learning during the COVID-19 through KaLMA – a digital learning strategy for early-stage education. The aim is to reach pupils across the state through the home-based learning (HBL) component of KaLMA, facilitating the broadcast of radio content to Kano Audience.

What We Did

We reinvented the classrooms through imagination and creativity; engaging as creative partners of the BC that actualized the KaLMA mission. Through our creative processes, we produced unique engaging contents, feature live feedback bulletins on media platforms, extending their current network for awareness, partnerships and impact to the uneducated of the northern Nigeria. The target was children, but the uneducated adults have benefited too. The location was Kano but we went beyond exceeding expectations Now learning goes with BC. We ensured that the following covid-19 protocols were strictly adhered to during the production process in line with the safeguarding directives issued by the NCDC and Federal Government. To follow the ongoing editions that runs from 10 am to 11am every Monday, Wednesdays and Friday and live feedback sessions on Sundays click http://radio.garden/listen/arewa-radio-fm-93-1/ULAXq0-g

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