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As a result of the school closures caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the KaLMA programme has been forced to halt its activities in schools. Within this changed context, and through the re-purposing of existing materials, BC in recent months has been providing support to Kano State in maintaining foundational skills’ learning during the COVID-19 crisis – We were again engaged.

What We Did

We created worksheets with colourful illustrations and Images as well as print of worksheets for pupils learning levels in English, Mathematics and Hausa. Yes at Mswitch, we speak the language of your audience to make your message heard and our team drives the programme to create a sync between broadcast and use of worksheets to make learning wow. We also reinforce the KaLMA engagement with pupils with activities that correspond to their various learning levels. These worksheets will serve as a bridge between home-based learning and in-school activities

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