How You can benefit from Mswitch’s Audio Masterclass

Ever wondered why a blockbuster movie feels, well, blockbustery? It’s not just the visuals – it’s the symphony of sound that turns a scene from meh to mesmerizing.

Just imagine Darth Vader’s heavy breathing without the iconic sound in Star Wars– it wouldn’t be as terrifying, right?

At Mswitch, we get it. That’s why we’re cooking up something special – a 4-week audio masterclass starting January 25th.

This masterclass aligns with our mission to nurture talents and ideas. We do this by training and upskilling creatives thereby bridging the gap between creatives and job opportunities to shape Nigeria’s creative economy.

What’s in it for you as our partner?

From ambiance, foley sounds, audio effects, voiceover/narration, and music, our curriculum covers it all. Imagine crafting sounds that make your audience feel, laugh, or jump out of their seats.

Why Should You Care?

1. Poor audio is a dealbreaker

2. Sound helps us feel emotions

3. Sound is an illusion that fools the ears

4. Audio gives a greater sense of what’s happening in the world

Don’t just show; make them hear it!

Because when your video has killer sound, it’s not just a video; it’s an experience for your viewers.

So are you ready to elevate your content? Partner with us, or join our demo day to discover the audio design experts who can take your projects to the next level. Don’t miss out – reach out to us at [email protected]

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